Board of Directors
Molly Hughes President
Peggy Swart Vice President
Michele Johnson Treasurer
Aloha Hart Secretary
Carol Dyer Board Member
Ken Hofkamp Board Member

Food Bank Volunteers

Shirley Bennett, Peggy Kyle Birdus, Anni Campbell, Tom Dale, Barbara Deck, Rudy Deck, Carol Dyer, Darrell Dyer, Margaret Elphick, Robert Elphick, Marilyn Engle, Kay Foss, Jan Graham, Irene Gustafson, Carol Harrison, Aloha Hart, Sue Hartin, Ken Hofkamp, Molly Hughes, Mitch Incarnato, Michele Johnson, Sigi Johnson, Sandy Leake, Sally Montano, Gordon Nowack, Carol Parbs, Linda Schrock, Chuck Schwantes, Judy Smith, Jim Stroh, Peggy Swart, Cheryl Thomas, Patricia Warren, Karen Whelan, Paul Whelan, Barbara Wood, Debbie Wysomierski, Bill Young.

Meals2Kids Volunteers

Nancy Baily, Anni Campbell, Tom Dale, Margaret Elphick, Kay Foss, Carol Harrison, Aloha Hart, Molly Hughes, Sigi Johnson, Lauri King, Marilyn Miranda, Suzette Montano, Eileen Ryan, Kim Shepard, Dana Stone, Cheryl Thomas, Karen Whelan, Paul Whelan, Barbara Wood,

Tuesday baggers

The Tuesday bagging crew

Volunteer Spotlight

Molly and Cheryl

Molly Hughes is the President of the food bank, and Cheryl Thomas is in charge of our food inventory. Cheryl makes all of our purchasing decisions, orders fresh produce for every distribution, and decides what food will be given out every month. She watches all the weekly sales and stretches our dollars to get the "biggest bang for our buck." She develops our holiday bags to help make them special for our clients. Cheryl manages our food inventory and budget so that our clients are guaranteed a good supply of staples and fresh food every month.

Barbara, Margaret & Carol

"Go To Girls" Barbara Wood, Margaret Elphick, and Carol Harrison are three of the best cross-trained volunteers at the food bank. They bag food for the clients, re-bag bulk food, are distribution back-ups and help with food drives. Carol has also made deliveries, conducted tours of the food bank, and works with the schools. Their many years as volunteers and willingness to step in wherever needed make them invaluable assets to the food bank.

Carol, Peggy and Darrell

Carol Dyer, Peggy Swart, and Darrell Dyer have been with the food bank since we opened and for many years were in charge of our Greenbank distribution. They helped bag the food, transported it to Greenbank, distributed it to anywhere from 10 to 20 families, and drove the supplies back to Coupeville when they were done. This very time-consuming and labor-intensive work came to an end at the last December 2017 distribution. Having a Greenbank distribution location was a huge convenience for these families, and we could not have done it without Carol, Darrell, and Peggy! Fortunately they continue to volunteer in a number of food bank activities


Tom Dale has been a volunteer for the food bank for eight years. He drives to NW Harvest twice a month, picks up our food drives, helps with all our "heavy lifting," and is our parade driver. His dedication to the NW Harvest runs to Kent is a huge commitment. We receive 30% of our food from NW Harvest, so these pickups are critical to the success of the food bank.